6 Things That Stop Us Making Things Happen

Is-it-Holding-us-backYou may have a great idea for a business and want to make it happen but then you find valid reasons are stopping you from taking the first steps.

In most of my initial coaching sessions with clients, who are trying to get a business off the ground, they tell me that at least one, and often all, of these things are holding them back and they want my help to resolve the issues.

With a little guidance and some creative thinking techniques most people are able overcome all of these things and unstick themselves without any of the issues changing.  Because there is usually only one thing holding people back and it is simply the fear of failure.

Fear was a live saving reaction when mankind had to hunt or avoid being hunted for survival, but as modern humans we rarely need to use fear for our survival instead we use it in a self-destructive way as fuel for our anxieties e.g. I feel afraid so I am going to have to find a good reason not protect myself from anything that will make me feel worse.”

There are many reasons why people feel held back and stuck, but these are the most common ones and this is how I hear them explained;

  1. Money
  • I don’t have enough money to do what I want to do
  • I can’t leave my job in case I don’t have money to pay my bills
  1. Other People
  • I don’t want to let down my children/other half/parents
  • If I fail people will think less of me
  • My … thinks I shouldn’t do this
  • My … says I never stick at anything
  • Other people are more successful than me
  1. Time
  • I don’t have enough time
  • I will do it tomorrow
  1. Knowledge
  • I don’t know how to do this or know anyone who can help me
  • I need to get a qualification first
    I will need to know how to do it before I can start
    Without qualifications/experience people will not take me seriously
  1. Skills
  • I am not very good at … so I can’t start doing it without help”
    I can’t do this
  • I am not a creative thinker/practical/risk taker
  1. Health
  • I’ve been ill/I am ill
  • I am too tired/old/unfit

To help my clients get past these issues I share with them some useful methods to help them overcome their fears, often just having a good chat in our coaching session is enough to put things in perspective.  I find that most people benefit from then having a creative thinking session to discover some practical next steps they can follow and this is enough to empower them into taking the leap of faith they were too afraid to take before our coaching session.

If these 6 things look like familiar issues and your fears are holding you back, then try my planning to fail method.

Or book yourself a coaching session and lets have a chat to overcome your fears.

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