How to avoid distractions to get things done

Avoid Distractions!Lets face it if you want to get something done you will find a way to do it, even if you are in the most distracting environment.

I really enjoy writing about my coaching work and I can focus on it even if I am in a busy coffee shop or bar with loud music playing and lots of people talking in the background, I can sit for hours totally immersed in what I am writing on my laptop or notebook!

But if I am stressed, under pressure, struggling to solve an issue, or dealing with things I don’t like doing such as mind-numbingly boring paperwork then I find it helpful to resort to the following tactics;

  • Clear your mind – just a 2 minute mindfulness exercise will relax and clear your brain enough to help you focus.
  • Turn off all devices – have a period of time when you switch off social media, emails and phones.
  • Tackle one job at a time – don’t attempt to multi task, focus on just one simple task at a time.
  • Set a time limit – use an alarm or timer to give you a period of time to deal with something.
  • Schedule time in your diary to deal with these tasks.
  • Tell other people you want their help to focus without distractions – ask people for space or some quiet time.
  • Calm your body down – eating regular meals, drinking enough water and avoiding too much caffeine will all help you be more focused.
  • Promise yourself a treat for getting something done – whatever works for you, some positive treats are going for a walk, doing some exercise, watching an inspiring video¬†etc, but if that doesn’t work then resort to cheesecake!



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