Have Fun With Your Fears – Plan to fail & celebrate your mistakes

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Celebrate your mistakes
Instead of being afraid of making them, try seeing mistakes and failure as a useful way to learn different ways to do things.

If you create plans that face head on and consider how you might fail, rather than just planning to succeed, then not only will your awareness of what might go wrong make you feel more comfortable about making mistakes.

You are also very likely to discover a new way of doing things that adapts your idea and reduces the likelihood of it going wrong!


Before making a business plan or a major change in your life, ask yourself the following questions;

  • Name a big mistake you have made?  (notice how you feel about this)
  • Did you listen to the right inner voice (fear or intuition) when you made that mistake?
  • What changed as a result of making this mistake?
  • What did you learn & was it a valuable lesson?
  • Are you now afraid of making that mistake again?
  • Have you made a similar mistake like that again?
  • Is it really a mistake? (are you ok with it but other people do not approve)
  • Ask yourself what might happen if the current thing you are trying to do goes wrong?
  • How would you deal with this?
  • What would you need to do to turn your project into a mistake? (planning to fail)
  • What would happen if you let go of the fear of it going wrong?
  • What would you do if you knew it could not fail? (notice how you feel about this)

Plan to fail

  • List all the threats to your plans
  • List all the ways you can avoid the threats
  • List all the ways you can adapt or overcome them

This article is worth reading – http://www.creativitypost.com/create/there_is_no_such_thing_as_failure

Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear, not absence of fear.” Mark Twain

If you want more help to overcome your fear of failure, then book a coaching session, I’ll help you see your fears in a completely different way!


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