Mindfulness technique

Use this technique to help you empty your mind, it is incredibly relaxing and especially useful before a brainstorming session, or when you are feeling stressed and your mind is overwhelmed.

  • Set an alarm for a few minutes.
  • Try 2 mins at first, build up to 5, 10, then 15 minutes or beyond this if you can.
  • Sitting upright in a chair with your feet planted flat on the floor.
  • If you close your eyes it is easier not to get distracted by visual stimulation.
  • Take slow deep breaths, inhale and exhale gently.
  • Listen to your breath and focus on the sound.
  • Try to clear your mind of any other thoughts.
  • If your mind wonders off or thinks about something you are trying to solve, notice the thought and let it go, focus on your breathing.
  • After the alarm goes off just sit for a few seconds and notice how relaxed and clear your mind has become.
  • Now try to do a creative thinking activity, or try solving a problem you have been avoiding.
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