How to train your mind to see the good

Train your mind to see the good in every (2)With guidance and a willing mind it is entirely possible for anyone to see the good in most situations.

Most of us will need to make a special effort or have a very good reason to turn negative situations into positive ones, because we are predisposed to notice the negative, as this TED talk explains.

It was a trait necessary for survival in our caveman days, when danger lurked behind every corner.  But as modern humans we rarely need this level of survival skill and instead our negativity bias fuels anxieties and focuses on noticing minor issues that happen in our life.

Every situation that happens to us can be beneficial to our future.
Even the most traumatic, emotionally disruptive and destructive things, that can turn our lives upside down, can lead to very positive unexpected outcomes.

At the time it may be the worst thing that has ever happened to us, but it can easily become a turning point that redirects us to another place, person or situation that ends up being the best thing that has ever happened to us.

In my coaching sessions, especially the ones I offer for free via my social enterprise activities, I regularly talk to people who have recently been through a serious situation, such as an illness, bereavement or financial loss that has driven them to seek help to make a positive change to their life.

Many of the most successful entrepreneurs I work with have not always had a charmed life, many had a very difficult childhood or had to overcome something major in their life which led to them being able to adapt and become the person they are today.

So how can we train our mind to see the good?
Here are my top tips;

  • Acknowledge and become aware when you are focusing on negative situations.
  • Try turning around the statements you make to see them in a more positive way.
  • When negative situations occur thank them for giving you an opportunity to learn!
  • When good things happen give them a lot more of your attention than you normally would do.
  • Indulge yourself, notice the positive emotions that happen within you.
  • Try engineering more positive things to happen to you – expect good situations to occur.
  • Surround yourself with positive people.

If this sounds too simplified try doing these actions for the next week and see how you feel then.  You could also take my 30 day challenge to let go of what doesn’t matter. Or read this article with ten strategies for overcoming the negativity bias.

I can do a lot more to help you in my coaching sessions, all you need to do is book a chat with me.

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