30 day challenge – Try consciously letting go of what doesn’t matter

If you’re struggling to find the time or energy to start making new direction happen in your life, this is the easiest first step you can make.

Before you focus on what it is you want to do or decide on the steps you need to take to turn it into reality, try consciously letting go of what doesn’t matter for the next 30 days.

Stop yourself ruminating – over thinking about situations that have or haven’t happened yet!

  • Notice you are doing it and the emotion it is producing.
  • Acknowledge it isn’t helpful, worrying won’t change the outcome.
  • Re-focus your thoughts on something useful.

Stop yourself talking about minor issues to whoever will listen!

  • If something has irritated or worried you and you feel the need to share it with someone.
  • Before you speak, email or post onto social media.
  • Acknowledge this will increase it’s impact, it will make a minor issue bigger than it is – ask yourself is it worth it?
  • Find something else more interesting to talk about!

Prepare a clear statement to remind yourself of what is important

  • Create a simple sentence you can repeat in your head when you notice you are focusing on what doesn’t matter.
  • This is especially useful when strong negative emotions have been stirred up by these thoughts.
  • Having an easy to remember statement to focus on fills the space the unhelpful thoughts were taking up and dilutes destructive emotions.
  • Try something as simple as this – “I’m focusing on changing direction”, or “I am thinking about what does matter”

I guarantee that if you consciously do this until it becomes your natural response to minor issues you will find the space in your head to start making a major change happen in your life.

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