Using the ‘wow’ technique to achieve great things!


This creative thinking technique helps my client’s focus on what makes them feel good inside.  It is easy to use and has helped a lot of people of all ages to kick start a big change in their life by noticing what things make them go WOW!

This method was adapted from something I noticed I was unconsciously doing to inspire myself whenever I needed to remind myself to be more self-reliant, gain confidence and be clear in my head which of my ambitions I really wanted to achieve.

How to create your first Wow list

  1. Write a list of all the things that make you go Wow! (See the next page for ideas of wow things for your list)
  2. Put this list in an envelope and choosing a date in your diary when you are going to open it – it can be in a week, a month or a year.
  3. Before you seal this list in the envelope put these wow things on a second list to add to regularly (ideally every day)

The rules

  • The most important rule! Don’t show anyone your Wow list, if you think other people will read it you may just write what they will approve of!
  • Don’t question, dismiss, edit or limit what you want to write on your wow list, if it’s in your head, write it down even if it seems unrealistic or silly.
  • Don’t wait until the list is perfect, write your list in one continuous session, when you can’t think of more things to add then put it in an envelope.
  • The first list doesn’t get added to after it is sealed in the envelope – it’s a snapshot of where you are now.


Why do I need to write this first Wow list and open it at a later date?

If you never add to this list and don’t refer back to it until the date of opening the envelope then it will hopefully provoke you to question why you have not allowed yourself to have things that make you go wow!  This is where my coaching support comes in, if you need help to allow ‘wow’ things into your life or you get stuck in creating the list then book a coaching session with me to help you achieve something on the list.

Things that make you go wow!

Your Wow list will contain things you feel passionate about or that simply make you feel good, such as things that waken your senses, to good memories and future ambitions – i.e. what in your wildest dreams you can see yourself doing in business, in your home life, or just for fun.


  • Everything that makes you have butterflies in your tummy when you think about it.
  • Anything that would make you feel proud
  • Things you have done that made you feel proud of yourself.
  • Things that do make you feel happy and content with your life, or what would make you feel like that in the future.
  • Anything that ignites your senses – sensory things such as favourite sounds, smells, things you like looking at, or touching.
  • Doing things that you get an adrenalin buzz from doing.
  • Things you have done that were easy but made a big difference to your life
  • Things that took courage and made a big difference to your life.
  • Good memories from your childhood.
  • Places you have visited and would like to go again
  • Where you would like to visit in the future.
  • Simple things that make you feel good and that cost little or no money.
  • Things you can see yourself achieving in the future
  • – like work, home life or personal goals
  • – Try to write down these things without restricting yourself from wanting them or deserving them.
  • Silly things that just make you smile


What do I do after I have written the first Wow list?

Create a second list which starts with the items on your first list, add to it as often as you can (try to do it daily) when you remember something you forgot to add to the first list, or when you notice you are feeling the Wow feeling and note down what it was that made you feel so good.

IMPORTANT – Notice and seek out more examples of things that make you go wow!


When you feel fed up or doubt yourself then give yourself permission to do three things on your second list; 

  1. Do an easy thing on the list – go for a walk if that is on your list, if the smell of cut grass is on your list then go and mow the grass..
  2. Reflect and remember the feeling of one of the pride/achievement things you have done and use that feeling to have the courage to tackle something you are finding difficult to do
  3. Find something easy you can do now to make a tiny step towards a big thing on the list


To Achieve the Wow Thing – Take Tiny Steps

Most people in my mentoring sessions are trying to overcome a big issue or to make a big change in their life.  I help them to just take tiny steps and break down each task into even smaller steps, for example writing an email can involve over ten steps including open your email, select the contact, write the subject, write the main content, check the spelling etc.

You will find that by breaking down each task it is easier to see which part of the task you find most difficult, then use creative thinking techniques in this guide to help you find a solution.

Here are some tips to help you take tiny steps and get things done;

  • Writing Lists – Whilst I love making lists when I am being productive I can also find lists really daunting, especially if faced with a big list of ‘things to do’ and no motivation to do them!  So instead I write a wow version of my ‘to do list’ to decide what each thing will achieve and then I write what is putting me off doing each of the things on the list.  Or I write the whole list and just pick one thing from the list that I want to do and write it on a new page with ‘This is all I am going to achieve today’ at the top.  It’s amazing how many times I will get that one thing done and then be more motivated to add another to the list.
  • Tidy Up – I always feel better and more motivated to get things done after I have had a tidy up (even if it is just my office desk)
  • Do a manual task that doesn’t take much thinking! – Cut the grass, sort lego into colours, pair up socks, do some ironing – it will give your mind a break and help you come up with creative ideas.
  • Go for a walk – Doesn’t matter if you live in a town or the country, just go for a walk for no reason, take time to stop and stare at things you would normally ignore or look past. Observe everything in a much more considered way.  It is amazing how many times I spot something that gives me a great idea!
  • Set an Alarm Clock –Give yourself a time limit and set an alarm to go off, the amount of time you give yourself will be vastly under the time it will take to finish the task. But notice what you get done and if you find yourself getting into the task then give yourself double that time to keep going.  I find a 15 minute alarm will be enough time to know if I am getting into it and then I give myself 45 minutes alarm. Then I get up and do something else for 5 mins.
  • Do one thing at a time – stop multi tasking !
  • Do the most important thing you need to do in the morning – give yourself a time limit to achieve it of just 15-30 mins.

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