Want A Fresh Perspective? Try The Forced Analogy Game

randam analogyThis is a fun activity which will help to give you a fresh perspective and jolt your thinking to see things differently. You can play this on your own but it is most effective with a group of people.

I use a pack of picture cards that were designed to teach kids about words and how to identify things, they have images of objects and creatures such as binoculars, waterfalls, spiders, puffins etc (you can buy them in most toy shops) or you can cut out pictures from magazines.



  • Shuffle the pack and pick a random card
  • First describe out loud the item pictured on the card, name all the attributes of the thing
  • Then compare the item to your enterprise or the project you are trying to
    achieve, or even to a problem you are trying to solve.

It is amazing how often people can find a similarity between a random object and what is on their mind.  By doing this with a group of people it can create some funny moments that really break the tension from ‘standard’ business thinking!   Often it helps to distance your thinking from the actual thing on your mind and use the random object to give your brain a chance to see things from a different perspective.  This activity usually triggers great ideas to materialise.

I use this activity in both one-to-one coaching sessions and workshop events.  It has the greatest impact on people who are restricted in the way they think, either because it’s their personal strategy to help them cope with difficult situations or they have had a way of thinking imposed upon them by the company they work for and represent.

Try it, you may be surprised by how effective this is on your thinking.

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